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VDO.AI Partners with Foodpanda to unveil a wide new CTV/OTT Campaign for intriguing food lovers in Thailand


VDO AI partners with Foodpanda, to initiate the CTV/OTT campaign for intriguing food lovers in Thailand. The campaign was run indoor with internet advertisement on TV for 1-minute.

The alliance focused on three main pillars:
Strategic Partnership and OTT Ecosystem – Leveraging the engaging video ads for successfully delivering OTT/CTV campaigns.

Outreach Programme – focusing on brand awareness as the objective

Audience Targeting
With the potential shift from TV advertising to CTV/OTT, brands got access to insightful information on their campaign performance, like – delivered impressions, clicks, video views and completion rates through Global Advertising Technology.

The CTV campaign, scheduled in May to June was focused on amplifying the brand’s services in Thailand and explore pathways to orchestrate growth opportunities. In this partnership, the company successfully delivered an audience targeting strategy and also managed to streamline a tracking method for the brand to access click numbers and user sessions using proprietary optimisation strategies.

Amitt Sharma, CEO, VDO AI, believes that these emerging CTV trends and opportunities are here to stay with advertisers who are willing to target the same TV audience with real numbers on their plate.

Foodpanda believes in driving successful brand recalls via powerful brand awareness campaigns by focusing on result driven CTV campaigns. Speaking about the partnership, Thiri Myint, marketing director at foodpanda Thailand, said, “Using CTV/OTT campaigns, we were able to gain the benefits of traditional TV combined with analytics, and VDO AI was integral in our step towards amplifying our reach.”

Amitt Sharma said, “VDO AI has a rich history of reinventing modern advertising strategies to empower the companies on a global scale. Our partnership with Foodpanda is an important development and we’re thrilled to drive the CTV initiatives in APAC’s Thailand region.”