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Oculus Auto Iaunches the Mi7, an electric auto-rickshaw with best-in-class features.


Gujarat-based OCULUS AUTO is a formidable name in the EV three-wheeler sector in India. The company has recently launched its new EV three-wheeler named MI7, which is being termed as the future of EV mobility in India.

Believe in a product that goes a long way. OCULUS AUTO designed the MI7 and everything around it from scratch to offer energy-efficient exhilarating rides and a hassle-free ownership experience. MI7 is powered by the most advanced Lithium-ion technology, it will change the world of three-wheelers forever. It offers increased savings, superior ride quality, and best-in-class comfort for drivers and passengers, along with zero-emission technology, for a better tomorrow.

Cost Saver: Low running cost of 50 paise per kilometer with a potential of 50% increase in saving
Advanced Battery: Zero maintenance Lithium battery which has more than 7 years of life
Climbing Ability: Easy climbing over up slopes even under loaded condition
Regenerative Braking: Charge the battery when brakes are applied by converting kinetic energy of the vehicle to electrical energy to enhance range of vehicle
Quick Charge: It is as simple as you charge your mobile phone. You can get a 1 KM range per 1.5 minutes of charging time. A top-up during lunch break can add back over 35 km
Safety: Comes with best-in-class torsional rigidity and bending stiffness. It has IP rated battery box to ensure that the battery is completely safe.

Spacious: Larger cabin space & leg room compared to available in market and egress for all age group
Excellent Visibility: Larger windscreen area that ensures safety in heavy traffic area
Digital Dashboard: Digital dashboard to precisely know speed, range, and the charge status
MI7 is available in white and blue color combination and It comes with hydraulic brakes on all three tyres, RND switch, three-speed setting, and huge boot space to put luggage.
This auto-rickshaw is fitted with a Durable Lithium-ion battery 60V 92Ah which provides an impressive Upto 100* km ride range per charge.

Oculus Auto thanks the Government of India and Ministry of Road and transport for exempting EV from fees for RC and its renewal this will encourage customers to adopt EV at affordable pricing, and encourage E- mobility.
“This EV was launched keeping in mind the rising needs of Indians for last-mile connectivity in city or village area. Oculus Auto is committed to supporting the Indian Government’s vision of reducing the carbon footprint from traditional fossil fuels. This electric three-wheeler is a much economical and greener alternative than a traditional 3-wheeler”, says the company’s Founder Director Dr. M. Idariya
“During the last quarter, the industry has witnessed around 25% increase in overall sales. This can be due to the hike in fuel prices. The number of enquiries from customers has grown considerably during the same time. A lot of Indians are now realizing that EV is a much better option when it comes to daily and city commuting, B2B sales have picked up because of quality and service.”, eyeing this scenario company is planning to launch 2 new EV models this fiscal year, added by company’s Founder Director Dr. M. Idariya.

The running cost of MI7 EV three-wheeler is now 50* paise per kilometer. If you compare this to any popular 3-wheeler that runs on petrol/Diesel/CNG, the cost is significantly lower.

The EV sector is witnessed constant Improvement and innovation. Market forces and demand combined with new indigenous technology will help us in bringing manufacturing costs and EV battery costs down. This will help the EV industry is becoming more competitive and cost-effective.
“With rapid improvements in technology, we expect economies of scale to play a big role and bring down the battery costs. This will make EVs more price competitive,” added Ms. S. Doi.
India is the fourth largest automobile market in the world. India is also the largest three-wheeler market in the world. India depends heavily on oil imports, with a USD 112 billion oil import bill in FY19. With Pollution in many Indian cities reaching an alarming level, EV vehicle adoption in India is increasing and companies including Oculus Auto are constantly helping the cause of a greener environment.
Rising fuel prices and consumer preferences for ‘green’ is having a favorable impact on India’s fast-growing electric vehicle (EV) industry. According to a report by the financial services firm Avendus Capital Indian EV industry represents Rs 500 billion opportunities by 2025.

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