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ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund launches an Investor Education campaign


History stands precedent to the fact that the secret to wealth creation lies in proper asset allocation. By investing across asset classes, not only do you reduce risk through diversification, but you can also increase your return potential as different asset classes tend to perform well in different market conditions. The challenge, however, is to know what and when to buy and sell. This challenge is further compounded by our emotions of greed and fear.

That is where Balanced Advantage or Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund comes in. This category of hybrid mutual fund schemes invests across equity and debt asset classes. The allocation is managed in a dynamic manner as per the changing market conditions, with an aim of generate a positive investment experience across a market cycle.



The core objective of this category is to protect investors from any market event that may have an adverse impact on their investments. By choosing to invest in this category, investors can benefit from the expertise of fund managers who can successfully navigate portfolios through varying market conditions. In case of ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund, the allocation to various asset classes is based on an in-house model.

Our latest Investor Education Campaign is focused on extending our efforts to increase awareness about the benefits of Balanced Advantage Funds also known as Dynamic Asset Allocation Funds. Our communication poses a simple question – Kya aapke paas Balanced Advantage Funds hai?

The integrated multi-media campaign is aligned with the Cricket season which is back in full swing. Communication around the topic is designed basis the cricketing analogy of choosing the right shot selection, as a means to connect with the cricket lover in all of us. The advertisement draws a parallel between a well-balanced batsman and a Balanced Advantage Fund. Matches are won by reading the pitch and weather conditions right along with selecting the right team. Further, runs are scored and targets are chased by a balanced batsman who prudently manages his shot selection to score off the loose balls.

The presence of a Balanced Advantage Fund in an investor’s portfolio is akin to having this batsman as a part of the cricketing team.  By staying invested in a balanced advantage scheme, one gets the chance to capitalize on the various investment opportunities that could across equity and debt market and at the same time has the ability to turn defensive in times of market volatility.

Abhijit Shah, Head- Marketing, Digital & Customer Experience, ICICI Prudential AMC said, “When it comes to investing, getting asset allocation right is of paramount importance. Balanced Advantage Funds category with its feature of dynamically managing equity and debt allocation helps address this requirement while deftly managing market volatility. This aids in keeping the portfolio insulated from major drawdowns. We believe this type of fund is suitable to all kinds of investors and should be a part of everyone’s portfolio.”

The campaign will reach masses via a TVC mainly broadcasted during the upcoming Cricket tournaments and on News channels and through multiple digital and new age platforms like OTT. Social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. will used extensively in order to reach a wider audience. Since this is an investor education initiative, our aim is to reach maximum people and seed this thought in their mind – Kya aapke paas Balanced Advantage Funds hai?

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