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Aroscop’s Report Reveals the State of First-party Data Mobilization for Online Advertising


Aroscop, a leading advertising platform backed by data science technology, organized an online event in partnership with Ad: Tech to address the key concerns of today’s advertisers regarding the usage of third-party data and cookies. The event titled “Mobilizing 1st Party Data for Programmatic Advertising in A Cookieless World” was attended by industry experts from across the globe and touched the major aspects and challenges of marketers and advertisers.

The event began with the keynote address by Siva Ramamurthy, Executive Vice President, Aroscop followed by two panel discussions titled “Win with Data” and “Do More With Your First-Party Data”. The panels shared constructive insights on first-party data generation, capturing, maneuvering, and utilization on digital platforms. Advertising decision-makers and leaders from Flipkart, Marico, Dyson, Madison World, Wavemaker, Nestle, Tata Consumer Product, and Aroscop were part of the panels.

A nationwide survey among top advertising experts across the country was conducted by Aroscop prior to the event and the results were published in the report titled “Mobilizing 1st Party Data For Programmatic Advertising In A Cookieless World”. More than 300 responses were collected for the survey and the Aroscop team analyzed the data to produce astonishing facts about the opinions of top advertisers.=

As per the survey results, over 61% of advertisers are already leveraging their first-party data to enrich their online advertising in some form or shape. Most of the advertisers are also using their customers’ data to create better targeting segments on programmatic advertising. The report incorporates substantial valuable insights about the advertising industry which tells where the market is heading. The survey aimed to explore how proactively the brands and agencies are deploying their or their clients’ first-party data and how effective is their approach so far.

After analyzing the data and the information extracted out from the report, Aroscop has offered probable solutions to face these challenges to the readers of this report. The major focus of the event was to learn and understand the ways to create more meaningful experiences for their target audience in the future once the third-party cookies will be gone.

Commenting on the significance of data and cookies Arjun Som, Co-founder, Aroscop, said, “Third-party cookies have been traditionally used to fulfill four major goals – personalization, frequency capping, retargeting and behavioral targeting. In my opinion, deprecation of the third-party cookies would have a large-scale impact on performance advertising and not so much on brand advertising.”

“In order to be ready for the future without third-party cookies, organizations need to bring in discipline and governance for data gathering & management. Additionally, they need to start investing in good technology partners. For the past year, Aroscop has been working on a cohort-based advertising solution and we are at a good position to roll that out soon,” he added.

Founded in 2018 as a joint venture between Sciera, an advanced data science company with 12+ years of experience of working with Fortune 500 companies, and Kritter, an 8-year-old enterprise programmatic platform provider, Aroscop works as a data science-backed advertising platform that helps its customers make the most relevant programmatic campaigns. Within a span of three years, Aroscop has served clients all around the globe, cutting across industries.

The biggest challenge of the current digital landscape is the lack of capabilities to back advertising with data sciences and Aroscop has addressed these challenges with flexibility, transparency, and control through data-driven advertising solutions. Using data science with proprietary advertising bidding technology to deliver highly targeted advertising in the right channel at the most optimum price to get the maximum value on advertising has made Aroscop a reliable strategic partner for businesses.

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