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Vedantu is on a 4x growth trajectory, with around 50% MoM growth in May.


Vedantu saw MoM growth of 50% in April and May 2021, and 4x increase from last year, with a $60 million cash collection run rate. Overall, sales in May increased by fourfold compared to May 2020. Vedantu has seen a spike in traffic as a result of the stratospheric rise in the adoption of LIVE online classes, with 27 million monthly visits on its website and learning app and another 68 million monthly views on YouTube, making it the highest in the online K12 industry. Personalized access, interactive classes, 24×7 customized content have resulted in 4x annual growth in paid subscribers to more than 2,00,000.

Vedantu has had widespread popularity outside of the top ten cities, with 60% of students hailing from these areas. Vedantu’s learner base now includes over 10,000 cities and towns in India, as well as more than 50 nations around the world. Vedantu’s superior pedagogy and technological platform have greatly aided students’ academic and competitive examination preparation, making Vedantu the largest K-12 LIVE learning platform in India. The attendance rate in LIVE online classes conducted by Vedantu touched an all-time high of 82 per cent, with retention rates of 92 per cent.

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