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Tiger Balm Celebrates ‘Sherni’ Through its #ToughAsATiger Campaign

Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm, one of India’s leading and most trusted analgesic balm brands, recently launched its #ToughAsATiger campaign to pave the way for the release of Amazon Prime’s much-awaited upcoming thriller, Sherni.

With this campaign, Tiger Balm seeks to showcase the journey of strong-willed and tough Shernis everywhere, ahead of a movie’s release that brings to light the story of a resolute female forest officer who beats all odds to fulfill her duty.

The analgesic brand’s Instagram feed is spectacularly mirroring that of ‘Sherni’ in a spirit of solidarity towards women who can not only endure the pain but win over it.



Tiger Balm, as a brand, has transformed massively over a time of 100+ years across 100+ countries; all the while building an incredible legacy of alleviating pain, discomfort, and their causes. Through changing times, locations and identity, it has created a permanent place of its own in people’s hearts & homes by impacting their lives in ways more than one.

This time, Tiger Balm’s collaborative efforts has encouraged the real-life Shernis to come out of the woods and share their #ToughAsATiger Sherni Moments.

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