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Herbalife Nutrition Announces Support to Aid India’s Fight against the Pandemic

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As India battles the second phase of COVID-19, Herbalife Nutrition has pledged more than USD 1 million to aid the country in its fight against the pandemic. The premier global nutrition company has worked with more than ten states since April 2020 to provide critical COVID aid in the form of ICU ventilators, oxygen concentrators, and PPE kits.

Ajay Khanna, Vice President, and India Country Head, Herbalife Nutrition, said, “The pandemic is a public health challenge and a humanitarian crisis. We are committed to doing everything we can to aid our communities and our nation. Herbalife Nutrition continues to provide support through the donation of medical equipment and its work with its partners to strengthen existing infrastructure. The journey to complete recovery can only be made together, and we will play our part in helping all Indians come through this.

In addition to its contributions to wider Indian society, Herbalife Nutrition has maintained a continuous commitment towards the wellbeing of its distributors and employees through a series of targeted assistance programmes focused on such things as work-life balance, medical counseling, provisioning of oxygen concentrators, and vaccination drives.

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