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THESE WhatsApp features will stop working after May 15 if you don’t accept new privacy policy | Technology News

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp had set May 15 for its users to accept a change in privacy policy but later scrapped the deadline for users to accept the controversial update.

The instant mobile messaging firm has also said that not accepting the terms will not lead to the deletion of accounts.

WhatsApp had faced severe backlash over user concerns that data was being shared with parent company Facebook.

However, they have changed their stand now as WhatsApp is said to be limiting the functionality of those who do not accept the privacy policies. WhatsApp users will not completely lose their account but this seems to be creating more issues than before.

If the users do not wish to accept the policy or even deny it even after constant reminders being sent by the company, then they will not be able to use some of its features. However, the only way to use these features would be to wholeheartedly accept the policy. 

“After a few weeks of limited functionality, you won’t be able to receive incoming calls or notifications and WhatsApp will stop sending messages and calls to your phone. At that point, users will have to choose: either they accept the new terms, or they are in effect prevented from using WhatsApp at all,” the company told The Guardian.

After facing criticisms, WhatsApp made it easy for users to accept the new privacy policy. Those who will still not accept the policy won’t be able to access the features like chat lists, sending and receiving messages, and all on the app and more.

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