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There has to be some continuity: Deep Dasgupta after Ramesh Powar replaces WV Raman as India Women coach

After Ramesh Powar replaced WV Raman to become the head coach of Indian women’s team again on Thursday, former India cricketer Deep Dasgupta said that continuity was the only concern. Dasgupta pointed out that WV Raman did fairly well in his stint marred by Covid-19 forced break.

Former India spinners was appointed the coach of Indian women’s cricket team on Thursday (Reuters Image)


  • Deep Dasgupta raised his concern after the appointment of Ramesh Powar as India Women’s new head coach
  • Powar replaced WV Raman, whose fairly successful stint was marred by Covid-19 forced break in women’s cricket
  • Ramesh Powar was earlier sacked from the role in 2018 after his fallout with Mithali Raj

Reacting to Ramesh Powar’s appointment as the new head coach of Indian women’s cricket team, former India wicketkeeper-batsman Deep Dasgupta said that “continuity remains the only concern”.

Dasgupta, a commentator now, pointed out that WV Raman guided India Women to the final of T20 World Cup in 2020 and produced decent results despite more than one-year-long Covid-19 forced break.

Further, the 43-year-old added that Ramesh Powar also did well in his first stint in the role in 2018 but was sacked later. Notably, ODI captain Mithal Raj had accused Powar of bias after the Harmanpreet Kaur-led T20 team dropped the veteran batter for the all-important World Cup semifinal against England.

“I Know WV from the last 20 years, I mean personally. He came in as our coach in 2001 and I have obviously a great rapport with Ramesh, obviously I have played a lot with him and against him. The only thing which strikes me as you mentioned, it hasn’t been too long with WV and whatever he has done. He has done well, my only concern is that there has to be some continuity.

“The last time Indian cricket team a major tournament, played the finals of the World Cup. Like I said both of them are extremely close to me and I like both of them but I just wish there is some continuity. There hasn’t been much cricket (for India Women due to Covid-19) so I don’t know on what basis WV Raman was not there. You can ask the same question why Ramesh was initially sacked because he did fairly well as well. So, I just hope there is continuity now,” Deep Dasgupta told Sports Today.

You want to continue once you start getting used to a coaching methodology

Further, Deep Dasgupta reckoned that it takes time for players to get used to a coach and his coaching methodology and once that stage is crossed, continuation is the best option. The women’s team will now have to start from the scratch as Ramesh Powar will have his own style of doing things, Dasgupta added.

Every coach has a different style of coaching. Once you start getting used to that you want to continue. As an individual player and as a team you are getting result, you can explore how far it can go. That’s were continuity becomes important. Suddenly you have a news coach, Ramesh will have his own ways. World Cup coming up next year, lots of women cricket scheduled, I hope the continuity is there in the future.

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