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Entrepreneur Aditya Modak’s client list is full of celebrities, politicians, and prominent personalities | Companies News

When will you call your business to be successful or what makes your business successful? Well, the answer is the loyal customer, a loyal customer is the indirect brand ambassador of the business. What happens if the loyal customer is a charismatic personality in the public eyes, like celebrities or politicians? It will surely make you give a boost in your business which eventually enhances your profit.

Aditya Modak, a renowned Mumbai based entrepreneur who is currently enjoying the skyrocketing success of his business K9 kennel, holds a loyal customer base among celebrities and politicians. The incredible entrepreneur is preferred by several celebrities when it comes to the adoption of a dog. Aditya is unanimously termed to be the best in the business by his clients. Many of his clients have even praised him for his services and quality of work.

With his flawless services and determination Aditya gained several HNI clients who became his loyal customers later on. Recently, the wonderful entrepreneur got a chance to have a meeting with Surya Kumar Yadav the dashing and Young Indian cricketer in regarding business. They are many more names that lie in the client list of this enthusiastic young man.

Besides running a successful business, the hardworking entrepreneur is also a dog lover and stood for their rights several times. Aditya operates numerous programs towards the welfare of stray dogs.

Aditya Modak turned his love for dogs into passion, it all started when his parents refused to buy a dog for him. The remarkable entrepreneur then came across a dog dealer who offered him to sell his five dogs and he will get one free. Ever since that day, Aditya started the same activity of providing dogs to several dog lovers. This work delivered both satisfaction and success to this young man as he applied his whole determination in this work.

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