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Tesla to roll out improved self-driving technology in coming weeks: Elon Musk | Automobiles News

Tesla Inc`s top boss Elon Musk said in a series of tweets on Wednesday that the company expects to release a significantly improved version of its full self-driving technology within the next two to three weeks.

Subscriptions to the software for the system would be offered within a month, Musk said in a Twitter exchange without elaborating further.

The news is just a week after the company told California`s Department of Motor Vehicles that it may not achieve full self-driving technology by the end of this year.

Tesla has released what it describes as a beta version of its full self-driving program to a limited number of employees and customers since October. Musk has touted the capability on Twitter.

Musk`s tweets also said Tesla`s “Smart Summon” feature would be available by the end of this year in Europe, along with its full self-driving technology.

The Smart Summon feature, which is already available in the United States, allows drivers to use a phone app to summon their vehicle in a parking lot provided the car is within 200 feet and in their line of sight.

The technology enhancement comes amid growing scrutiny over Tesla`s semi-automated driving system following recent accidents.


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