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Megastar Rajinikanth takes second dose of COVID vaccine jab, daughter shares pic! | Regional News

Chennai: At a time when Tamil Nadu is witnessing all-time-high COVID-19 cases and vaccine hesitancy, megastar Rajinikanth has taken the jab. The septuagenarian actor just returned to his Chennai home after completing the filming of his upcoming flick Annatthe in Hyderabad. 

Rajinikanth’s daughter had shared a picture of the veteran actor and Dadasaheb Phalke awardee getting jabbed at the hospital.

It must be recalled that it was owing to COVID-19 risk, fear of his health condition (after kidney transplant in 2016) and being on immunosuppressive medication that Rajini had backed out of politics, in December 2020. According to Rajini’s publicist, the actor took a second dose of the Covishield vaccine today.

According to Rajinikanth, he had faced fluctuation in his blood pressure and had to be admitted at the Apollo hospitals in Hyderabad, while filming in December last year. This was what led to the actor’s re-think and withdrawal from politics. 

He had also made a mention of his fans welfare and well-being during the pandemic and why he did not want to risk them as well. Rajini’s biggest worry, according to his then statement was the risk of exposure to a large number of people, once he ventures into electoral politics, ahead of the 2021 Tamil Nadu assembly polls. 


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