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Jeevan Tiwari manifests as an exemplary digital marketer in the industry | News News

Founder of Ezee Digital Marketing Company, Jeevan Tiwari is a digital virtuoso acquainted with the know-how of the social world. Garnering his skills in the field, he promotes brands and businesses to power through the increasing competition in the market with creating effective strategies and campaigns.

Born and brought up in the town of Gujarat, Jeevan honed his skills from a very tender age. Hence, at the mere age of twenty he had an extensive expertise in SEO, Social media, and an elite set of other digital marketing skills. Jeevan is a living inspiration of visualizing dreams with a results-driven approach. He understands exactly what the clients need and hence, has flourished in the field being one of the youngest millionaires in the country.

Having an inquisitive and practical approach towards problem-solving, he is leading several organizations from the front and has taken them to indomitable heights. Talking about the reason why he took up digital field to work in, Jeevan says, “Digital marketing is a trend which is taking the industry by a storm. People have been engaged in building a credible social presence as it is the most important aspect to enhance the image in the market. Having an expert to guide you through the aspects of this ocean is of quite prominence. Therefore, I have polished myself in a way to carve a niche among the ones who are in dire need of us”.

He is also the owner of four other high-growth firms that possess the title of being the highest turnover company of digital marketing in India making him a millionaire with his entrepreneurial instinct. Generating an annual turnover of more than 3 Million, Jeevan is not only being exemplary with his endeavors for millennials but the older generations as well. No roadblock ever made him stop and wonder if he was doing it right or not. He had the mind of an entrepreneur which propelled him towards taking noteworthy initiatives.

His command lies in the services of web development, app development, search engine optimization, influencer management, celebrity management, providing PR expertise, social media marketing, and many more. Any digital problem and the answer is Jeevan Tiwari.

It is due to consistent efforts of such people that the digital industry has been able to see a boom in recent times.

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