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Implementing digital marketing the correct way: Rohit Mehta founder of Digital Gabbar | Companies News

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”–Andrew Davis, Bestselling Author and Keynote Speaker

How often have you heard about digital marketing? Have you ever tried to fathom its underlying potential as an immensely rewarding career? The usual answers are always negative. Any niche with the term marketing associated with it appears elusive and deceptive. But the industry doesn’t perceive it that way. Digital marketing has emerged as a credible means to reach prospective customers and amplify the sales and revenue of a brand. Mr. Rohit Mehta is an adept digital marketer who is well versed in implementing it on a granular level. His newest venture, Digital Gabbar, is an effort to change the perception of digital marketing among the audience and make them aware of its untapped potential.

Digital Gabbar is not his first attempt at spreading information about digital marketing. Mr. Rohit Mehta has successful blogs that are engaging many visitors while informing them about the niche. He says, “I consider myself as a living, breathing example of the success that emanates from implementing correct digital marketing strategies. I have struggled a lot, from being on the verge of bankruptcy to create multiple revenue streams through digital marketing. I never want anyone to yearn for a credible information source to step into digital marketing. It is my sole intention behind forming and launching Digital Gabbar.”

Digital Gabbar is managed by like-minded professionals who share the same zeal for digital marketing. It is all done under the guidance of Mr. Rohit, who attributes the success of Digital Gabbar to his earnest team. He says, “I am not the only established digital marketer out there in the industry. Many professionals have achieved greater success in less time. I reached out to my peers and other connections about the initial hurdles they faced while hustling in the digital marketing genre. The most common answer came out to be a lack of information about current operating standards. It gave me an idea to collaborate with proficient digital marketers that were willing to educate the audience about the career and nuances of digital marketing. Digital Gabbar has a very knowledgeable panel of contributors that publish relevant information about the industry trends.”

Mr. Rohit Mehta is stopping anytime soon. Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field in which the same strategies do not work twice. It makes educational platforms like Digital Gabbar a quintessential part of the learning process. Mr. Rohit Mehta elaborates, “In 2015, digital marketing was not new. It was well established, but we weren’t cognizant of the fact. When I started searching for additional revenue streams, I stumbled upon blogging. My command over IT is quite firm, but still, I was oblivious to the importance of digital marketing after a website becomes operational. A misleading pay-per-click referral made me realize how the websites generated so much traffic and revenue with digital marketing. Initially, blogging brought me a little taste of success, and after that, I couldn’t resist. I went on creating a few blogs and then slowly became aware of the efficacy of digital marketing.”

Digital Gabbar didn’t happen in one go. It took years for Mr. Rohit Mehta to achieve a prominent position in the digital marketing industry. He has helped brands drive overwhelming sales by implementing unique digital marketing strategies to suit their target audience. His campaigns are widely popular for bringing an immense level of engagement and recurring visitors that maximizes customer retention. Even with surmounting workload and a long list of prospective and eager brands, he tries to devote time to Digital Gabbar.

Mr. Rohit Mehta is a firm believer in earnest digital marketing tactics that garner long-term results. He explains, “Digital marketing works but takes a little time to produce results. It isn’t as simple as boiling ramen. I frequently meet with brands that want the results in astonishingly less time, which is not possible. We are not deceiving people with digital marketing. Rather, we are trying to reach a desired and relevant audience. If any agency promises you otherwise, it is the first indication of a bogus digital marketing agency trying to rip you off.”

Digital Gabbar is a reliable destination for much information about digital marketing and much more relevant work areas. The portal regularly publishes content about digital marketing, blogging, SEO, SMO, content marketing, and the changes in search engine algorithms. Every post is constructed in a lucid format so that even novice readers can grasp the concepts easily. Digital Gabbar is in talks with big-league influencers to partake in interviews and educate the viewers about their success.

Mr. Rohit Mehta explains, “It is necessary to have a myopic vision that transcends orthodox approach. Today, the youth isn’t eager to experiment or work consistently towards a goal. They keep hopping from one thing to another and waste the already limited time on this planet. The hunger for building a business from scratch should be present in every graduate. You cannot become GaryVee in a day, but you could at least make an earnest effort towards it. Mark my words, no brand is unscathed from digital marketing, and it will be impossible to survive in the industry without it. So, it is advisable to pick up a skill that wouldn’t become obsolete in the next decade. The interviews on Digital Gabbar will motivate our visitors about the steps that lead to a successful career through real insights by influencers.”

Mr. Rohit Mehta also shares a soft corner for writing. He is an established author and has published six books so far. His books revolve around digital marketing, its techniques, and advancements to shape the industry’s future. He is involved in writing his seventh book but finds very little time for his hobby.

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